I am Meg Season 2

Hey dear Readers! I am Meg is now on its second season. Don’t miss an episode. The reality show airs this September on ETC channel!

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WIN THIS: Samsung Galaxy Mega

I’m joining, you should too!


In case you didn’t know, SAMSUNG Galaxy Mega is the newest (and coolest) mobile device that you can carry like a phone and use like a tablet. Yes, this pretty thing has the power and ultimate viewing experience of a tablet with the power and function of a high-end smartphone. It is the perfect device to take with you to all your everyday adventures!

And like it says on the title of this entry, you can WIN THIS amazing device! All you have to do is follow these mechanics:

Take the Galaxy Mega 7-Day Photo Challenge with me on Instagram (I’ll also be posting my adventures too for one week) and get the chance to bring home a Samsung Galaxy Mega!!! All you have to do is share your everyday adventures that you would like to capture using the Samsung Galaxy Mega. This can be fun, everyday things, like trying…

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Life Drama

Three books down, five more to go! Finally finished reading three out of the five beautifully written inspirational novels by Mitch Albom.


I am not a fan of life drama but the moment I reviewed the synopsis of Tuesdays With Morrie I knew I would be spending a lot of time reading all of his works. I might be talking more of it since this book have left me with a great impression, an impression in which for you to understand you have to read the book and also had somehow helped make my way throughout anything I encounter in this world (that’s so general!). But all his books are a ten to me, so no use dwelling which is the best since they tackle different aspects of life… and death.

Tuesdays with Morrie is all about a terminally ill sociology professor(Morrie) who spoke about life and what is it there in dying, he happened to be a close friend and former professor of Albom.  Wanting to reconnect and keep in touch, Albom frequently visited and had an every Tuesday life and death discussions with the professor. Here are quotes from the book. I quote Morrie Schwartz “Death ends a life, not a relationship.”

A quick summary of what’s there inside The Five People You Meet In Heaven, it basically talks about the life and death of a maintenance man named Eddie. Albom relayed his message through this fictional character’s life and that the people you meet in heaven is in a way related to you and whom you have acquainted at some point in your life. Great quotes from the book.

For One More Day, the most recent book I had read. Is a relatable story of a mother’s love for his son, a man(the son) who was given a chance to spend one more day with his mother. Fate made him realize the things he had done when his mother was living and well etc and all that in just one day. I was moved and touched by how far a mother would go for her child. Quotes that brought me to tears.


Have some time and read some his works, it’s not as life-changing as some of those other books published but it’s one short and easy to comprehend novel which will most likely (and ALSO) help you in a way and make you realize stuff you’d never think about because you’re too busy living life.

I can’t wait to buy two of his, The Time Keeper and Have A Little Faith!

Red Lipstick Junkie

“Beauty, to me, is about being comfortable in your own skin. That, or a kick-ass red lipstick.” -Gwyneth Paltrow

Red lipstick gives a girl that strong look with a hint of elegance. I for one, when wearing red lipstick, I feel like very commanding and so prima donna-ish! Don’t you girls feel that way too? Can I get an Amen to that!

So here is my newly discovered product from Collection Cosmetics PH.


In my favorite shades, they might not have difference but when you apply it on…. well, you’re gonna have to see for yourself! All I’m saying is that it’s one red lipstick you’d never regret buying.

#3 Ruby Red and #1 Queen Of Hearts!


Now, some lippies are literally hot on lips but not this one. It’s smooth and light, I’ve used them numerous times and until now my lips are still the way they were before, so no after effects at all.

Ditch some of your nude and girly-shaded lippies and try red ones for a change. You’ll thank me later 😉

Red is sexy! Red is attractive! Red is commanding! But ladies, mind you, carry them with class and you’ll surely be turning heads.